Some Word About Us

OUSOS provides universal access to the world’s best training, partnering with top universities and institutions to offer courses online. We offer an exclusive opportunity for today's busy individuals and professionals to continue to complete training if they are not able go to a structured classroom delivered course at a specific time. Our online courses are convenient to schedule and can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Our aim is to keep you self-motivated and keep up to date with assignments without reminders, and have good reading skills.

Is Online Training for You?

This simple, quick questionnaire is designed to help potential online trainees assess their chances for success in this alternative learning environment.

  • * Do you have circumstances that prevent you from completing training at a specific location (fire department, community college) one to three times a week?
  • * Do you manage your time well and get things done on time without having to be reminded?
  • * Are you self-motivated and a self-starter?
  • * Are you comfortable using technology such as computers, email, and the Internet?
  • * Do you have reasonably strong reading skills?
  • * Can you accurately follow written instructions?

If you answered YES to all or almost all of the questions, you would probably enjoy taking an online course.