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Boost accounting skills and learn about professional finance including budgeting, costing, and management accounting skills given by professional experts and trainers in the field.

Sale Cost Accounting 12,000 ل.س 10,000 ل.س

Cost Accounting

June 1, 2020 / No Comments
 Overview The main objective of the course is to give rich, simple and clear information about the principles of cost accounting in all its basic aspects to assist the trainee, either to enter the...
12,000 ل.س 10,000 ل.س
Fahed Hodaifa
Sale Intermediate Accounting 57,000 ل.س 51,300 ل.س

Intermediate Accounting

June 1, 2020 / No Comments
 Overview Intermediate Accounting is a professional course in financial accounting. The purpose is to describe how accounting for these transactions is usually done, or in some cases what are options in prevailing practice, and to give adequate preparation to accountants for treatment...
57,000 ل.س 51,300 ل.س
Fahed Hodaifa
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